Professional musician and creative with a focus
on composition and arrangement for film and media


What Others Are Saying

"Yes, brilliant! First of all, thank you very much for this brilliant job! I'm still blown away by your sound and your speed!

Tom Batoy

Mona Davis Beat

"Thanks once again for your tremendous support and your great contribution to LAST CONTACT. It was definitely a ride, and it was fun riding alongside you. Your tracks really pack a punch!"

Gert Wilden Jr.

Film production “Last Contact”, Juni 2023

„He is nothing short of a brilliant musician. Makob delivers quickly and always with a flare of inspiration. Plus, he is a pleasure to work with.“

Misha Sega

Composer, Hollywood

"The collaboration with Makob was truly pleasant. His music greatly complemented the crazy, anarchic, and unique elements of Woozle Goozle. From the theme music to numerous song variations for a musical toolkit."

Igor Hartmann

Author and Director Woozle Goozle

"Thank you for your fantastic work! And thank you for always being so easygoing. It's a great joy and quite a rarity these days." 

Bettina Weyers

Management, Gallissas Theaterverlag and Media Agency GmbH

"9 out of 10 points, in principle, a lot was optimal: the use of leitmotifs was well-received, and the coherence of the mood... Very pleasing!"

Prof. Enjott Schneider

Jury for the film sound art competition